An accomplished and well travelled woman whose heart remained in rural Australia

Wisty Halloran at the helm
Wisty Halloran at the helm

Marion Pierce Halloran was born in Sydney on 7 September 1947; she was the younger daughter of William Burton Halloran (Bill) and Margaret Alison Halloran (Mitty).

She had an elder sister, who gave her the name Wisty; this sister was only 15 months old, and couldn't say 'sister', and from there on they were always called Wisty and Wainie.

In the 1950's Bill and Mitty moved with their two little girls to Walcha, buying a property on the top of the Moona range called Ti-Tree Springs.

The girls had a wonderful childhood; they did not go to Primary School in town but had correspondence lessons at home. School work often had to take second place; they helped with mustering and stock work, milked the house cows, fed the dogs, looked after their vegetable gardens, went fishing with their father, and played complex games in a world of their own.

Wisty loved the wilderness

Wisty loved the wilderness

They joined the local Pony Club and would ride the 35 kilometres to town by themselves for the annual Pony Club Camp, and back again a week later.

But finally they had to go away to boarding school which was St Ursula's Convent in Armidale.

Wisty was the Dux of the School in her final year, and won a Commonwealth Scholarship; she studied Law at Sydney University.

After she qualified, she worked as a solicitor and a few years later went overseas, first to Israel where she worked in a Kibbutz for six months, and then to England. She travelled extensively to Europe and continued to travel for the rest of her life.

She was a good horsewoman, and for her 70th birthday she and her close relatives and friends went on a long riding and fishing trip in Montana, USA.

She learnt rock-climbing and abseiling, and went to Nepal, going to the Everest Base Camp. She climbed Federation Peak in Tasmania, and walked the Kokoda Track. She loved bush-walking,with friends and family, often there were trips in the Gorge Country near Ti-Tree Springs.

A WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS: Wisty Halloran at the 2018 Walcha Show with her magnificent medieval tapestry which took forty years to finish.

A WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS: Wisty Halloran at the 2018 Walcha Show with her magnificent medieval tapestry which took forty years to finish.

She was a wonderful needlewoman, making many of her own beautiful clothes, and she also completed a large medieval tapestry that took 40 years to finish.

She played the violin; she loved sailing, and went on many long sailing trips; she was a keen bridge player. She ran in the annual City to Surf forty times, the last time just a few weeks before she died.

After her mother Mitty, died in 2002, Wisty moved to Walcha and lived at Ti-Tree Springs. She and her sister, Wainie Roberston ran the property and enjoyed working together, they used to joke that they were the oldest all-girl branding team in the district.

Wisty died very suddenly on September 7, 2019. It was her 72nd birthday.

She was loved and admired by many, many friends and relatives.

All who knew her will never forget her.