A knees-up in Nowendoc

More than 150 people came out to play in the village of Nowendoc last Saturday night when the Andrew Clermont Supper Club was staged for the third annual Nowendoc Summer Fest event.

Internationally acclaimed artists performed in an intimate venue - the Nowendoc Hall - to an appreciative audience determined to have a good time.

Summer Fest instigator Nena Hicks was born and bred in the hamlet, and she said the community deserved a good 'knees-up' after the drought and fires of 2019.

Award-winning Canadian bluegrass star Jenny Lester performed with the multi-talented Andrew Clermont, minstrels Brookie and Daniel Gillet, guitarist Anthony Walmsley, Goldheist aka Hester Fraser and the stalwart drummer Randall before the renowned Australian didgeridoo maestro Mark Atkins took to the stage.

The event was funded by the Primary Health Network Hunter New England and Central Coast to improve drought-affected mental health in the shire.