What's the Goss? || Hard times but girls smiling after title win

Sandgreen champs: Reigning NSW 4BBB Sandgreen Nett Champions Peter Norbury and Wayne Brennan congratulate new Walcha Sandgreen Champions Cheryl McDonald and Mel Clark on their victory last Sunday.
Sandgreen champs: Reigning NSW 4BBB Sandgreen Nett Champions Peter Norbury and Wayne Brennan congratulate new Walcha Sandgreen Champions Cheryl McDonald and Mel Clark on their victory last Sunday.

WHAT an uncertain time we are currently going through, but in the end there will be a story to tell - let's hope it is sooner rather than later. You can only feel for the people who want to work, whether that be employer or employee, and can't due to the restrictions from coronavirus.

DURING very recent times a lot of people, including myself, probably haven't taken the situation as seriously as we should have been, but as these restrictions grow it is time to trust advice we are being given from more qualified people than ourselves.

THE bottom line is we will get through it but need to help each other do so. Assistance may come in different forms and there will be times where you can lift a mate especially emotionally. Come on guys let's stay as positive as we can. It's not going to be easy.

ON the subject of smiles on dials that was certainly the case when Walcha Golf Club Ladies Champion Cheryl McDonald joined forces with Melinda Clark to win the inaugural Walcha Sandgreen Championships last Sunday. Good on ya girls!

GOLF Club captain Willie Brennan came up with the name of the event after the NSW 4BBB Sandgreen Championships scheduled for last week was cancelled. A good field of 44 players teed off in the event and hopefully they enjoyed themselves because it may be a while before they play competition golf again.

ONE player who didn't have the best of times was Dion Bird after he combined with his son Nixon to accumulate the modest total of 22 points which entitled them to a Bradman's Bat. When quizzed about how he went AJ suggested he may make a comeback to bowls. Which may be a while away as well.

REIGNING state champions Peter Norbury and Wayne Brennan were certainly talking the talk before the event last Sunday suggesting it was only a matter of turning up for a win. During the round the 'Dynamic Duo' were finding it difficult to walk the walk at times mentioning to Johnny O'Hara and yours truly it was sometimes hard to get up for these "minor competitions". All in good fun boys.

SCHOOL teacher Bina Armstrong has been experiencing a rough trot of late when she was moving her crockpot full of hot stuff and caught it up in the toaster cord causing the contents to spill over her hand and floor.

AROUND the same time, Bina was attempting to place a jerrycan of diesel onto the back of her vehicle by standing on the tow ball (which wasn't all that successful) when she slipped off and the diesel spilt everywhere.

THE most disappointing thing for Bina was when she was unable to swim her usual 60 or 80 laps of the pool due to a burnt hand. At least Sabina still could smile while telling me about her accidents.

WORDSMITH, Rabbitohs supporter and Moons Nursery CEO Stephen John Sweeney sometimes struggles with certain sayings and last week was no different. In the past "the golden haired wonder child" has given us: "fight at the drop of a nail"; "no skin off my teeth"; "calm as a cucumber"; "deaf as a bat"; and the bowls classic "wonder pastureland"- to list just a few.

WHILE deep in conversation with council workmates John 'Stork' Brazel, Paul Brown and Wayne Brennan, the subject of retirement and superannuation was raised where Steph suggested Stork would have a nice little 'Neggs Est' at his disposal. The boys quickly worked out Gomez-the-Go-Go-Man actually meant nest egg.

THIS Saturday Fitzroy Street resident, former Niangala bus driver and father of mine IJ reaches the milestone of 88 years on the planet. One thing dear old Dad enjoys about being born in 1932 is that it is the same year the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened just nine days earlier than when he arrived into the world. Unfortunately a few beers at the Newie to celebrate is not going to be an option this year IJ.