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Anger over poll booth cut

Walcha Shire residents will have only two polling booth options for the upcoming state government election on March 28

Crossing the boundary again

Walcha Shire will switch back into the Tamworth Electorate for the upcoming state election on March 28, leaving the Northern ...

Bird’s eye view of network

Bird’s eye view of network

Helicopters will patrol more than 1300 kilometres of powerlines and associated network infrastructure across Walcha

The Stig makes reading fun

The Stig makes reading fun

Walcha Central School hosted Stig Wemyss last Thursday and children from primary schools across Walcha gathered for a ...

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Hoy wins Brazel memorial

Hoy wins Brazel memorial

Round Swamp captain Barry Hoy was named the ER Brazel Memorial Player of the Year for a second ...

Racing around Walcha

A totally enjoyable trip to Singapore and whilst I was there I took the opportunity to visit Kranje Race track ...

Round Swamp cricket kings

Round Swamp cricket kings

Round Swamp won their 18th Walcha News Cup last Saturday when they defeated Kentucky by 18 runs at ...

Flippers light up with PBs

Flippers light up with PBs

Little wonder the Walcha flippers Swimming Club is buzzing at the moment after no less than 175 personal ...

Sport shorts

LOCAL junior golf champion Andrew Brennan won the Moree junior Golf Open last Sunday by two strokes

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Thursday, April 2

Thursday, April 2

Outback ER shows the hard reality of life in remote and rural Australia.

Life & Style

The importance of music play

Even in the womb, music can help build an emotional connection between you and your child. As your baby grew ...


Film review: Cinderella

OLD fairy tales never die - they just get remade, reimagined, rebooted and rewritten forevermore.

Film review: Home

THERE'S a theory that the older you get, the more young people and the things they like mystify ...


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